Royal Albert Hall

The choir sang at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday 20th March 2017 and it was a memorable day. We arrived in good time and, as the weather was fine, we had lunch on the steps of the Albert Memorial, followed by some games in Hyde Park, before heading inside. There had been a lot of hard work beforehand, learning 12 songs in 10 weeks, and the day itself was long, with almost no time off from when the children first went onto the stage at 2.00 till the end of the performance at 9.20. The RAH is a large and impressive venue, so several of the choir were understandably nervous, but they conquered their fears and did a first rate job, returning home happy and proud, but exhausted. Thanks are due to Mrs Elsey for liaising and organising tickets and transport, Mrs Rosello and Mrs Coles for their help on the day, and to all the parents for their support on the night.