Open Day

Following recent Covid-19 guidance we will not be able to hold our usual Open days for prospective parents.  We are upset that we cannot show you around our lovely school so you can feel the wonderful family atmosphere and sense the children’s joy.

However, we look forward to meeting you via a Zoom meeting.  Please email to arrange one to one zoom meetings between 1pm and 3pm on Thursday 3 December.

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Curzon CE Combined School holds a waiting list.  If you wish to be added to the waiting list, as detailed in the policy, please contact the school directly. Please note we ask you to contact us by the last school day of each term to confirm your continuing interest in a place.

Please find our prospectus here: Prospectus brochure

Admission Policies/Documents

Admissions 2020-21 Determined

Admissions 2020-21 Appendix 1 (Curzon catchment map)

Admissions 2020-21 Appendix 2 (Coleshill catchment map)

Admissions 2021-22 Determined

Admissions 2021-22 Appendix 1 (Curzon catchment)

Admissions 2021-22 Appendix 2 (Coleshill catchment map)

New dates for appeals 2020

16 October 2020

Admission Arrangements 2022 – 2023

Oxford Diocese and the ODBST have been encouraging Church Schools to remove their church criteria from the over-subscription part of the admissions policy.  Their reasoning is that Church of England schools should serve their local community and be ‘inclusive’ to all children regardless of faith (as detailed in Paragraph 1.38 of the Schools Admissions Code 2014)

Many other Church of England Schools have removed this criteria and upon reviewing our admissions for the last four years (whereby no children gained their place solely on the church criteria), Curzon governors have decided to remove this.

Please rest assured that the removal of this criteria does not in any way affect the Christian character of our school.

In accordance with the Schools Admission Code we are therefore consulting on the Admissions Arrangements for Curzon CE Combined School from September 2022.

A copy of the admission arrangements can be found below:

Any response should be received by the deadline of Friday 27 November 2020 and should include full name, title and contact details.

Correspondence can be sent by email to Countess Howe at or by post to the school address (headed Admissions Arrangements 2021 – 2022 Consultation).

Admissions 2022-23 – for consultation