Collective Worship

At the heart of Curzon life

Collective worship is at the very heart of life at Curzon school and our community. As part of our vision of growing like the mustard seed, pupils develop in spirituality. Collective worship is an affirmation and celebration of the values and the Christian distinctiveness of the school. Through developing their knowledge of Jesus and Christian beliefs, pupil learn the importance of working for the flourishing of others.

Inclusive and invitational

Our daily worship is inclusive for all pupils, staff, parents and visitors. We welcome everyone and recognise that some people in the school and our community come from a variety of Christian, other faiths and non-religious backgrounds. We invite everyone to join in with our prayers sensitively making it clear that this is a personal choice. Everyone is encouraged to reflect on the words of our prayers.


We offer a richness and variety of worship, inviting members from different local churches to lead us, showing children that there are many ways to worship God. Through our worship we aim to develop a sense of community, uniting everyone under a common ethos and the school’s shared vision and values. Collective worship is also a time for reflection and thought and is highly valued by all in our community.   “Pupils talk with passion about the variety of worship on offer. They enjoy story, music, re-enactment and video to enrich worship.” (Oxford Diocesan Advisor 2021).

Pupil leadership

Our pupils are inspired to lead aspects of collective worship. From an early age, all are given opportunities to say spontaneous prayers and take roles in assemblies. As pupils move through the school, they build up to leading acts of collective worship for their class, for younger pupils or for the whole school. They take these responsibilities very seriously, using the Bible to find stories to reflect the message they wish to portray.

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