Headteacher’s Welcome

Welcome to Curzon Church of England Combined School. If you are looking for a school with high academic standards alongside a happy, caring, family atmosphere, then come and visit us – a friendly welcome awaits you.

This is what Ofsted said about the school in October 2017:

  • “Teachers have high expectations and they plan interesting activities that build on pupils’ previous learning.”
  • “Pupils make good progress in all years.”
  • “Pupils thoroughly enjoy school. They behave exceptionally well, showing respect to adults as well as each other. They say that other pupils behave well and that incidents of poor behaviour are rare.”
  • “You have ensured that the school’s strong ethos and values underpin all aspects of its work. You recognise that each child is unique with his or her own strengths and talents. You aim to build on these to create individuals who are very well prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. You and your staff provide pupils with high-quality care. Pupils and parents commented on the fact that they are known to staff by name and so they feel valued and welcomed. The school plays an important role within the local community and as such is part of a large family. One parent reflected the views of many by writing: ‘I love this school. It has a small village family feel in which it provides a safe and comfortable environment for my child to grow.’

 You can read our last Ofsted report by clicking here.
You can also read our ‘Outstanding’ SIAMS report (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) here

Parental Feedback

Have your say and provide feedback about the school at Ofsted’s Parent View – https://parentview.ofsted.gov.uk/

This is what our parents have fed back to us about the school:

“Curzon has a lovely atmosphere with happy children. The integration for my son into school was excellent, and his teacher is kind and approachable. The school is well run, with lots of activities going on all the time. Parents are kept well informed and up to date of what’s going on by a weekly newsletter. I have been delighted with this school. Many thanks to all the hardworking team.”|”The class sizes are perfect. We love the way the school handles children’s education, whether they are struggling or doing well, they are all given time and help. The manners of the children in the school are impeccable. We also like the way the school encourages all children to talk to one another no matter what year they are in. In dealing with the children, Curzon is great, and I’m really impressed with how my child has progressed.”|”I believe this is a caring and supportive school which instils good manners, independence and the opportunity to do well. There is a very good team of teaching staff and support staff with strong leadership by the Headteacher and Governors. There is an “open door” policy with all staff making themselves available. A well balanced, outstanding school which wants children to succeed and allows children to develop to their full potential.”|”Curzon school is a very warm and friendly school which caters for each individual child. The staff and Headteacher are very caring. I would sum the school up as an excellent and well rounded school.”|”I would strongly recommend Curzon School. You really feel that the teachers, pupils and parents all work as a team to enable your child to succeed. Your child is treated as an individual and certainly not as a number. The school does expect support from parents – i.e. homework, reading etc and as long as you are willing to support your child with this, the partnership will work.”|”My husband and I were immediately impressed by the qualities of the Headteacher, and have since been similarly impressed by the quality of the teaching and learning experienced by our children. We feel that the familial atmosphere contributes to making every child feel known and special, and that this is emphasised by the clear Christian teaching which they receive.”|“Having moved into the area and uprooted my children from another school, in the months that followed, I have seen them blossom, become more confident and focused. I am delighted with Curzon and I feel very confident in the school’s excellent leadership and teaching staffs’ abilities to teach my children both in an academic and pastoral sense. I am really proud to be part of the school community.”|“Curzon Combined School is THE most excellent environment for any child of any ability to learn and progress. The school ethos is fabulous and even the most boisterous children coming to the school have been handled brilliantly, and are now wonderfully engaged in the school curriculum along with their peers.”

Parent Help

  • Aside from weekly newsletters, there’s no better way of finding out how things run at Curzon than coming in to help!
  • We are always looking for parents to come in and help with a variety of tasks like reading, art, school trips or just generally supporting in the classroom. If you have a particular skill, like gardening or baking we would also love you to share your skills with our pupils. If you are interested, please speak to the school office.
  • Before you can come into school, you need to have submitted paperwork for a DBS check, which isn’t a complicated process but it’s one that can take a few weeks. Contact the office to find out the procedure for obtaining a check. It’s worth being checked even if you can’t help at the moment – you never know when an exciting school trip might pop up that you’d like to go on!

I look forward to welcoming you to Curzon CE Combined School.

Mrs Julia Payne