Helping Others

Providing shelter for our community, like the mustard tree

A key aim of our Curzon vision is giving to others. We want our pupils to be the best local and global citizens they can be.

Community Litter Picks

Each term, parents, pupils and staff come together and collect up litter from around our school area.

Our twinned school in Kirongo, Kenya

We are fortunate to be twinned with the Rainbow School in Kenya. Through exchanging letters, our pupils gain an insight into life for a Kenyan child and their pupils gain an insight into ours’. Our pupils organise charity events to raise money for projects for this school. We found out how long on average it takes a child to get to the Rainbow School and replicated that distance with a sponsored walk. More recently, we have held a sponsored skip to raise money for sports equipment.


Our Eco Council works with others in the trust and organises and leads on a range of initiatives, such as not wasting paper in books and using less non recyclable packaging in lunchboxes. The latest project is raising awareness of soft plastic recycling schemes at local supermarkets by taking all our soft plastics to be recycled locally. 

Our Curzon Foodbank

Families are encouraged to donate tins, can and dried food. This food is then distributed to support  others in our Curzon community.