Victorian Week

It has been Victorian Week in Year 6. On Tuesday, pupils held a Great Exhibition where they shared their Victorian projects ranging from model houses to hand sewn clothes. On Friday, everyone dressed up and the classroom was turned into a Victorian classroom complete with quills, ink and a dunce’s corner!

To start of the day we came into the classroom, washed our hands and put everything away in the corresponding places. The girls came in first and sat together and then the boys came in. Mr Owen was acting very differently today!

After we had situated ourselves, Mr Owen and Mrs Hale inspected our uniform and our hands to check they were clean. We curtsied and bowed before finally sitting down at our desks. On the desks were chalkboards and more supplies. At the front of the classroom was a big blackboard that had the alphabet on it ina Victorian Script. We were then given ink wells and dip pens- we copied the alphabet in the example style. Nobody made a sound and if you did… you had to wear the dunce hat and face the wall!

Throughout the day, we had many Victorian lessons such as dictation, reading passages from the bible, arithmetic, chanting spellings and times tables. We also sewed a Christmas stocking decoration. We all had a great day but we hoped that school would return to normal on Monday!

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The pupils had authentic Victorian lunches packaged in brown paper bags.